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Adventures with Anne

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Hiking in the Jura September 2022 - Joyeux randonneurs from Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey

The full tour, right to left, from Jougne to Lélex

Day 1 - From Jougne to Mouthe
18.1 miles, climb 4448 ft and descend 4079 ft
Day 2 - From Mouthe to La Chapelle des Bois
13.8 miles, climb 2231 ft and descend 2198 ft
Day 3 - From la Chapelle des Bois to La Cure
15.9 miles, climb 2,861 ft and descend 2633 ft
Day 4 - From La Cure to Manon
14.7 miles, climb 2003 ft and descend 2848 ft
Day 5 - From Manon to Lélex
10.4 miles, climb 1758 ft and descend 2511 ft

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